New Brand. Same Glass.

ONIS glassware has its roots in the 18th century, with the Royal Dutch Glassworks, based in Leerdam, and the Portuguese Crisal, based in Marinha-Grande. These two companies merged to form Leerdam Crisal Glass, which has been producing high-quality glassware for over two centuries.

In recent years, they sold their glass drinkware under the Libbey brand, but in the summer of 2022, they decided to split as a European entity from US-based Libbey Glass LLC to continue making and selling their iconic glassware under their own new, but historic brand name, ONIS.

ONIS glassware is known for its high-quality, unique designs, and iconic ranges such as SPKSY (Speakeasy), 1924, Hobstar, Gats, and many others previously sold under the Libbey brand name are made by Leerdam Crisal Glass and will now be sold under the ONIS brand.

These ranges are designed to evoke a sense of sophistication and refinement, making them suitable for various settings, from casual gatherings to formal events.

Many glassware companies design their products but outsource the manufacturing to other entities. Only a select few design, produce, and sell their glassware using their own kilns and factories. Leerdam Crisal Glass, with a heritage dating back to the 18th century, is proudly among these exclusive glassmakers.