Wüsthof Honing Steel 26cm

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By Wusthof


The perfect tool for sharpening all Straight-Edged Knives! Easily restore your favourite knife's cutting edge

Even high-quality knives, such as those made by Wüsthof, gradually dull due to use. To compensate, a honing steel should be used regularly. A few strokes of both sides of the knife over the sharpening steel will help you maintain the sharpness of a good blade.

We recommend using a Diamond Steel or a Ceramic Steel to restore the sharpness of particularly blunt knives.

  • Includes 1, Wüsthof Honing Steel 26cm
  • The perfect tool for sharpening all Straight-Edged Knives!
  • Excellent durability and resistance
  • Made out of Stainless Steel
  • Handwash Only
  • Always wash prior to use as orders fulfilled by Vatiliotis are shipped directly from our warehouse
  • Made in Solingen, German
  • All knives (except those with a serrated edge) should be sharpened regularly for optimum performance. Ideally, this should be done every time you use your knife
  • Knife sharpeners should be washed regularly, to remove oils or metal particles, which may build up on the sharpener and reduce its efficiency
  • Removes a tiny amount of metal from the knife so honing steel is also recommended for daily/regular honing
  • Total Length: 40.5 cm
  • Steel Length: 26 cm
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