Wüsthof Diamond Sharpening Steel 23cm

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By Wusthof


The perfect tool for sharpening all Straight-Edged Knives! Easily restore your favourite knife's cutting edge with this industrial diamond-coated sharpening steel

Use the finely grooved flat-edged 23cm Wüsthof Diamond Sharpening Steel which is coated with industrial diamonds in order to regularly maintain the keen edge on your most treasured kitchen knives and enjoy razor-sharp results. With a comfortable, ergonomic handle, this sleek sharpening steel is designed to maintain a fine cutting edge on your valuable kitchen knives.

Fully forged from high carbon steel and coated with industrial diamonds, the steel is suitable for use with all knives while the metal hanging loop is a handy feature for either hanging at your belt, ready for instant use, or hanging to store away from the cluttered environment of a utensil drawer.

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  • Includes 1, Wüsthof Diamond Sharpening Steel 23cm 
  • The perfect tool for sharpening all Straight-Edged Knives!
  • Has a flat shape, not round
  • Made out of Stainless Steel
  • Coated with Industrial Diamonds
  • Easily restore your favourite knife's cutting edge
  • The special shape of the diamond grit ensures exceptional sharpening
  • Removes a tiny amount of metal from the knife so honing steel is also recommended for daily/regular honing.
  • Handwash Only
  • Always wash prior to use as orders fulfilled by Vatiliotis are shipped directly from our warehouse
  • Made in Solingen, Germany
  • ADVICE - All knives (except those with a serrated edge) should be sharpened regularly for optimum performance. Ideally, this should be done every time you use your knife
  • ADVICE - Knife sharpeners should be washed regularly, to remove oils or metal particles, which may build up on the sharpener and reduce its efficiency


  • Total Length: 34.5 cm
  • Steel Length: 23 cm

Product Code: 3039705123 - 4480/23

**Note**: The reason some variants have two product codes is because Wüsthof has redesigned their logo and packaging. The two codes denoted above for each variant are the new one and the old one, respectively. The Blade is the same, despite slight branding differences. You might receive either version, depending on our stock.