Libbey Half-Pint Hourglass Pilsner Glass 30cl

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By Libbey


Serve your guests refreshing lagers and pilsner beers with this Libbey half-pint rim tempered pilsner glass! It features a classic hourglass shape and crystal-clear clarity to showcase a beer's golden colors and carbonation. 

Thanks to a special heat-treating process that strengthens the top portion of the glass, which is the part most susceptible to breakage, this glass has increased resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. Plus, a chip-resistant rim makes this glass a durable addition to your glassware collection. Boasting a thick sham, the foot of this glass is perfectly balanced so you can confidently rest it on trays, tabletops, and counters.

Since 1818, Libbey has been a leading distributor of glassware, providing a wide selection of durable and elegant products to suit your many needs. In that grand tradition, the high-quality form and feel of this pilsner glass make it a perfect addition to any home, restaurant, or bar. Offering unparalleled brilliance and clarity, this glass makes it instantly clear that your customers are receiving the best product and service possible.

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  • Includes 1, Libbey Half-Pint Hourglass Pilsner Glass 30cl
  • Ideal for beers such as pilsner and lager
  • Originally designed for bar and restaurant use with durable construction and unbeatable clarity
  • Features a chip-resistant rim
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Always wash prior to use as orders fulfilled by Vatiliotis are shipped directly from our warehouse
  • Made in the U.S.A


  • Height: 14.5 cm
  • Diameter: 7 cm
  • Capacity: 30 cl

Product Code: 1178HT